Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not Nomad News: The ebay Stars Aligned!

Have you ever found an ebay auction that seemed tailored specifically to you? Last week I was looking for an affordable Dreamcast to replace my current one. While my current Dreamcast works great, I've noticed that three of the thirty-something games I have refuse to play (those being Super Magnetic Neo, Hydro Thunder and Ecco: Defender of the Future). Another game I've been looking for is Rez, which sadly has never seen a US release. While I do have the PS2 version, I would much rather play the game on its true home. Having lost in a number of auctions for these two items, I was about to give up when I found this posting: "BOXED Sega Dreamcast Yukawa System & 3 Games REZ JAPAN"

The auction began at a doller with $15 shipping and included an early production run Japanese Dreamcast in a orange box covered in photos of Sega's Executive Director Eiichi Yukawa. Also included were three Japanese games: Rez, Virtua Fighter 3tb and King of Fighters '99 Dream Match. Placing a max bid of $60 I was excited for a day and then forgot about the auction. Then, just an hour ago, I was notified that I had won the auction for $56!

What!? So I got a Japanese Dreamcast and three games, one of which sells for $60-70 alone, for the mere price of $56 plus $15 shipping??? I feel like a winner! Because I am a winner.

So why am I gloating on my blog? Because I intend to give back by scanning and photographing every angle and insert of the Yukawa Dreamcast for all to enjoy! Expect the posting in a week and a half. Until then, I promise to post more Nomad related articles.

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  1. Auctions always seem to go better if you forget about them, it seems! If I watch something in the last minutes constantly pressing F5 I tend to get sniped at the last nano-second! Great haul!