Friday, December 12, 2008

What Is This All About?

In the same vein as the Master System, Saturn and Dreamcast Junkyards comes The Nomad Junkyard! The Nomad was a wonderful portable by Sega that played Nomad games. Unfortunately there has never been a Nomad game published, but the system does play Genesis games. Consider this blog to be the first Junkyard to cover all that is and was Sega Genesis.

Edit: Upon further research I've discovered that the Genesis IS the Mega Drive in Europe ( I also learned that they spell "License" with a "c" in place of the "s")! And that means that the Genesis/Mega Drive Junkyard is already covered!! Shit.*

So while the Nomad is a very small faction of the SEGA family, or the SEGAverse as I call it, that doesn't mean there can't still be things to be said! So what can you expect from The Nomad Junkyard? Nomad hardware reviews, Nomad hacks, Genesis tidbits, recommendations of games that make perfect on-the-go Nomad games, historical lessons and random non-Nomad but still SEGA related posts.

Welcome fellow Nomads.

*I've actually always known this, I was just being funny.

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